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Leadership Speech

Ms. Sophie Biecheler, Director of International Relations, Universcience, France


Universcience is convinced that science needs to be shared: to inspire as many people as possible to be curious about the world around them, encouraging them both to marvel at the world of science and to engage in scientific reasoning. By working to inspire passion for science and technology from a very young age, Universcience also hopes to encourage young people to take up scientific studies and careers as a priority to promote a dynamic economy and social cohesion.

Each and every day our two venues in Paris, Palais de la découverte and Cité des sciences et de l’industrie,  you can live a unique immersive experience of science !

Universcience & the BAST have concluded a framework agreement in 2012, and the cooperation aims at developing the taste for science for the widest public and developing new approaches which are both creative and participative.