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Leadership Speech

Dr. Annette Klinkert, Chief Executive Officer city2science GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany


Let us develop and share a “Spirit of Collaboration”!

Professional science festival organizers from all around the world will collaborate on this dynamic website in the future. Our engagement is based on a mutual understanding of the high values of scientific progress and of the importance to create fascinating meeting places for science-society dialogues. We are convinced of the utmost importance to include citizens in research and innovation processes to improve the socio-economic and cultural development of our countries. 
In the name of all international partners, who are invited to work together on this challenging project, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Beijing Association of Science and Technology for developing this new opportunity of learning and sharing! This new online tool will provide a dynamic platform for a Living Network of Excellence in the fields of Science Communication, Public Engagement and Science Popularization. 
Let us use this website to share ideas and best practice, tools and formats, knowledge and ideas. The ongoing collaboration will promote a better understanding of the organization, programme design, scientific content and entertaining elements which make Science Festivals around the world a great experience for the visitors - and a rewarding work for all of us!