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Leadership Speech

Mr. Lijun Zhou,Secretary General of Beijing International Science Festival Roundtable Conference Vice President of Beijing Association for Science and Technology


Science communication enterprise is sacred in popular belief, because the effect and ends of science communication could nourish people’s soul, shape their mentality and even strengthen the social structure. On the basic of knowing some necessary knowledge of science and technology, mastering basic methods of science, building up science thoughts, advocating science ethos, improving the scientific qualities of the public is the responsibility of the national governments but also the common mission of the science communication community of all countries. Science communication is borderless and the counterparts from different countries shall enhance cooperation, share experiences and work with one another.


The purpose of setting up a round table conference is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and to improve the effect of science communication. Through this platform, the participating parties share high quality science resources, jointly foster high-level brand activities, cooperative develop science resources, and jointly discuss the problems in development, to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, meanwhile promote the development of international science communication career.