Europe Science Centers Festival and Museum Annual Meeting

Time : 2015-09-18

 A team led by Mr. Yan Renhao, the Director of Science Popularization Department of BAST, has visited Italy, Portugal for science and technology communication between June 10th and 17th, 2015, at the invitations of Italy Science Museum, Europe Science Center and Museum Organization and Portugal Science Center Alliance, the members of the team includes: Mr. Li Jie, the Chairman of Beijing City Yanqing County Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Li Shuwei, the Vice Chairman of Beijing City Changping County Association for Science and Technology, Ms. Wang Lijuan, the Director of General Office of BDCPS , Ms. Wu Hanrong, the Project Manager of Cooperation and Communication Department of BDCPS. The visit has confirmed the related issues and cooperation intention with Italy Science Museum and Portugal Science Center Alliance.


During the visit, the team had a full communication with the foreign organizations, learned and acknowledged the advanced popular science ideas and methods, discovered the cooperation channels with Italy and Portugal in the field of science popularization, youth science and technology education, science resources sharing and academic communication, and finally got several basic cooperation intention agreements. This visit has laid a solid foundation for deep cooperation between BAST and these two countries, and has very important significance to enhancing and expanding the international communication channels of BAST, as well as promoting the internationalization of various undertakings.