2015 Beijing International Science Festival Roundtable Conference

Time : 2015-09-18

2015 Beijing International Science Festival Roundtable Conference was held in China Science and Technology Museum in the afternoon of September 20th, which was hosted by Beijing Association for Science and Technology; undertaken by Beijing the development center of popular science and Beijing Science and Technology Center for International Cooperation. Representatives from 24 nations and regions attend the meeting, including China, Germany, France, Egypt, Turkey and other countries and regions. Mr. Lijun Zhou, vice chairman of Beijing Association for Science and Techonoloy, convene the meeting.

Ms. Carla da Silva Almeida, 
Researcher, Science Communication, Museum of Life / the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil

Ms. Nermine Toma,
Head of Planetarium Science Center, Bibliotheca, Alexandrina, Egypt

Ms. Sophie Biecheler
 Director of International Relations, Universcience, France

Mr.Joachim Lerch, 
president of Science Day in Germany

Mr. Alexander Gerber,
Chair of Science Communication Department, Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences ,Germany

Ms. Annette Klinkert, 
CEO of City2science Science Communication and Strategy Consulting, Germany

Mr. Ganga Singh Rautela
National Council of Science Museums(NCSM), India

Mr. Vincenzo Lipardi,
Delegation of Commission, ECSITE-European Network Science Centres & Museums, Italy


Ms.Anne Margarethe Dijkstra,
Assistant professor of University of Twente, Institute ELAN , Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social   Sciences, Science Communication, Netherlands

Ms. Barbara Urszula Cader Sroka,
Professor of University of Wrocław; Organizer of Lower Silesian Science Festival, Poland


Mr. Wiktor Gajewski,
Deputy Head of Exhibitions and Science Communication Department,the 
Copernicus Science Centre, Poland

Ms. Violetta Egikova
Chair of All Russia science festival in the city of Kirov, Russia

Ms. Sanad Humaid Haidar Qayed Ahmed,
Associate Director- Projects S&T Promotion, The Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC), United Arab Emirate

Ms. Heather Doran,
Project Officer of University of Aberdeen, Public Engagement with Research, the United Kingdom

Mr. Kenneth David Skeldon, 
Head of University of Aberdeen, Public Engagement with Research, the United Kingdom
Ms. Chiara Romano
Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza, China - Italy Cooperation Activities International Relation
Mr. Vandiver John Kim
Director of Edgerton Center of MIT, US
Mr. Salmi Hannu
Director of Department of Teacher Education of  University of Helsinki,Finland
Ms.Krumholtz Nira, Director of IDEA Centor of Technion, 
Israel Institute of Technology
Ms. Zhang Pei, 
Director of US China Scitech Education Promotion Association, Chair Person of the Global Education Advisory Council of Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, US
Mr. Herring Michael,
Director of NISE, Nanoscale Informal Science Education